Marnie Woodmeade

Writer  ~  Researcher  ~  Aspiring Educator

As we struggle to get our teaching online, this article examines how we ensure that authentic learning continues. It includes tips and tricks from a variety of units and subject areas.

09 April 2020

Teaching comes with its challenges but teaching with an 8 hour time difference, unreliable wifi and a firewall is a whole different level. This article outlines how these challenges can be overcome with both synchronous and a synchronous teaching methods.

08 April 2020

Reflection on the role of higher education teaching and public engagement in addressing the climate emergency.

15 February 2020

Hussain Abass is a third-year aerospace engineering student and president of the Islamic Society (or ISoc). We met in the bustling SU Living Room for a poignant discussion on his experience of Bristol University, and how engagement in student society supported him taking risks.

09 January 2020

Elsie Aluko is a second year Physics student, and founder of the AfroLit society. We meet to grab a coffee at the Hawthorn's Café and are lucky enough to find one of the coveted window seats. We get the opportunity to reflect on the pitfalls of the 'university bubble', and discuss the risks and rewards of starting a new society.

14 November 2019

Amy Palmer, Toby Roberts and Marnie Woodmeade all visited James Norman's 'The Office' project and have shared their experiences.

14 November 2019

As part of the work I did for Frontier, I got the opportunity to talk to Reza about his life, successes and the importance of giving refugees the ability to tell their own story.

23 August 2018

Article for the Huffington Post - There needs to be an industry-wide movement to significantly reduce the waste that the textile industry produces.

20 July 2018

The United Nations define refugees as people feeling conflict or persecution, and in recent years refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq fleeing war have dominated the news. However, there is a form of conflict that is often overlooked; between the earth’s rapidly changing climate and people that live there. Climate change is responsible for an untold amount of refugees who are forced to flee their homeland due to inhospitable environments.

17 July 2018

Article for Into the Wild - Exploring the motives behind the hippo cull in Zambia. While the government argues that it is to prevent the spread of anthrax, conservationists argue it is fuelled by a desire for commercial hunting and ivory.

13 June 2018

This article was written for The Tab and recieved over 15,000 views. Research into the different locations around Bristol, photography and of course, hilarious witty banter.

21 February 2017

Article for The Tab - Jake Tyler has just completed the first leg of a 3000 mile walk around all of Great Britain to raise awareness of mental health problems.

01 October 2016