Marnie Woodmeade

Writer  ~  Researcher  ~  Aspiring Educator


Hi! My name is Marnie and welcome to my website. Here you will find examples of some of my best articles written about subject matters ranging from hippos to sustainable fashion to my personal favourite, authentic learning.

Over the past three years, I have cultivated my writing and researching ability working for a number of small NGOs and the University of Bristol so that my writing is accessible to a multitude of people. My writing has been published by The Huffington Post, along with health websites, academic blogs and conferences. My most popular article has also received over 15,000 views.

My research largely focuses on sex education and consent and I would like to continue this vein of research looking at the impact of technology. I am currently undertaking a Masters in International Development which I am enjoying immensely.

If you would like to contact me about any of my writing, email me or message me on LinkedIn.

Photo of me on a beach